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Website for Takeaway Ordering
Most of us get hungry from time to time and don’t want to cook. When that happens, we often order takeaway. However, most of the time, ordering takeaway means that we have to pick up the phone, ring the restaurant we want to order from, have the person take the order over the phone, and then wait for our food to come and pay for it when it does.
There is a better way, though. You can order takeaway online from many establishments, and more and more restaurants and takeaways are jumping on board as ordering online becomes a more accepted practice. In comparison with phone ordering, which is the main alternative, online ordering is quicker and easier so naturally people favour it.
Start a web-based ordering business
It is practical and it is rewarding, both professionally and from the point of view of profit. If you have a web-based ordering business then you will need to spend less on traditional ways of advertising and you will be able to focus more on the work you are undertaking: that of keeping your customers satisfied and your services irreproachable. The internet, if used properly, will do all the work for you.
If you are working in the food industry – namely food deliveries and takeaways – a web-based ordering business might be just the thing you need for a boost in the number of customers and growth of business. Allowing your customers to place their orders online and also pay for them with their credits cards makes their job so much easier. They can place their orders from the comfort of their own homes.
What is more, it has been proven that people tend to spend more money on items/foods, other services when they order online! The internet can to be a step further to your greater success.
Of course, you can use such services, as a just-eat.co.uk or similar services, but this is not a good solution. Your own internet solution is the best way to increase your profits!
Some reasons why you need your own web site in comparison with a collective such as just-eat.co.uk:

  • The competition: a person who came to the website as a just-eat.co.uk or similar service, next to your proposal still sees a lot of different proposals, so he/she may not necessarily choose your proposal, and you are losing a lot of potential customers.
  • Opportunity to see not only the titles of the dishes, but also their images and descriptions what has always attracted more customers.
  • The orders comes directly to your takeaway, so you: a) do not pay any brokerage fees; b) the order is carried out faster, so your customers are more satisfied and the next time they are sure to choose your takeaway; c) is growing your authority .
  • With your own custom design site, you’ll always be more competitive and attract many more customers, especially if your site is on the first Google page in high positions.
  • And a lot more…